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The Impact of NIL on College Sports & Analyzing Political Fandom

In this podcast episode, Emory Professor Mike Lewis explores NIL's transformation on college sports and dissects the complexities of political fandom.

Watch/listen here:

This in-depth discussion covers a range of topics from the effects of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) changes on college sports to an analysis of political fandom impacting potential vice presidential picks for Donald Trump. The talk delves into how NIL has transformed college football and basketball, highlighting the revenue-sharing debates and the emergence of collectives. It also examines the evolving landscape of college sports fandom, the implications of transfer portals, and the impact on team and fan connections. Additionally, the conversation shifts to political fandom, analyzing data related to Trump's vice-presidential candidate preferences across generations, focusing on Tucker Carlson, Ron DeSantis, and others, while also touching on the role of fans' cultural preferences in political outcomes. The podcast provides a comprehensive look at the intersection of fandom in sports and politics, shedding light on current changes and future trends.

00:00 Welcome to Fanalytics: Diving into NCAA Madness

00:23 NIL's Impact on College Sports: A Deep Dive

01:50 The Evolution of NIL: From Intent to Reality

04:26 The Complex Dynamics of College Sports Financing

07:59 The Transfer Portal's Game-Changing Role

09:48 The Changing Face of College Basketball

16:18 March Madness: Predictions, Upsets, and Cinderellas

20:02 The Media Landscape and March Madness Coverage

22:42 The Future of College Sports: Transfers and Team Dynamics

33:25 The Buzz Around Justin Fields' Trade

35:00 Analyzing Russell Wilson's Performance and Fit with the Steelers

36:17 The Steelers' Controversial Quarterback Strategy

38:09 Mike Tomlin's Coaching Challenges and Opportunities

39:34 Exploring the Potential of Justin Fields with the Steelers

43:47 Quarterback Controversies and Team Dynamics in the NFL

44:43 The Intriguing Case of Caleb Williams

46:54 The Intersection of Personality and Performance in Sports

51:16 Fandom in Politics: Analyzing VP Candidates for Trump

57:45 The Unpredictable Nature of Fandom Across Sports and Politics


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