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Fields' Future & The Challenge of Evaluating Quarterbacks

In the latest episode of Fanalytics, Emory Professor Mike Lewis explores Justin Fields' future, the challenge of evaluating quarterback prospects, and the argument against storming the court.

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This episode of Fanalytics kicks off with a loot at the NFL off-season, particularly focusing on the story of Justin Fields. As the conversation shifts to the NFL Draft, Professor Lewis discusses the impact of viral videos on draft stock, media hype surrounding players like Drake Maye, and challenges in evaluating quarterback performance. Lewis also explores the role of analytics in player evaluation and the influence of media coverage on player perception. Additionally, this episode touches on the NFL salary cap, struggles of teams like the Cowboys, debates between players like Fields and Brock Purdy, and challenges in using analytics to evaluate quarterbacks.

In the show's final segment, Lewis addresses controversies such as fans rushing the court at Wake Forest and the return of controversial comedian Shane Gillis to SNL. In doing so, he highlights the power of modern media in altering fan opinions.

00:00 Introduction and Current State of Sports

00:48 NFL Off-Season: The Justin Fields Story

03:02 The NFL Draft: Drake May vs Caleb Williams

03:57 The Impact of Viral Videos on Draft Stock

04:24 The Media Hype and Attention on Justin Fields

06:16 The Challenges of Evaluating Quarterback Performance

08:28 The Role of Analytics in Player Evaluation

13:33 The Impact of Injuries on Player Performance

17:37 The Dilemma of Analytics in Player Evaluation

22:27 The Influence of Media Coverage on Player Perception

25:53 The NFL Salary Cap and Player Contracts

31:20 The Struggles of the Cowboys

32:01 The Media's Love for Certain NFL Players

32:53 The Justin Fields vs. Brock Purdy Debate

33:31 The Challenges of Using Analytics in Sports

39:20 The Controversy of Fans Rushing the Field

50:04 The Return of Controversial Comedian to SNL

56:01 The Divisiveness of Media Coverage

01:00:03 Looking Forward to the 2024 Fandom Survey


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