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March Madness & College Basketball's Magic

Updated: Mar 27

In this podcast episode, Emory Marketing Professor Mike Lewis discusses lack of men's college basketball coverage before March, the sport's explosion in popularity during the NCAA tournament, and fandom surrounding the greatest tournament in all of sports.

The discussion shifts to women's college basketball, noting its significant media attention and the unique dynamics of its tournament. And in the show's final segment, Professor Lewis delves into the NFL's upcoming draft hype, Deion Sanders' impact on college football at Colorado, and the gambling scandal involving Shohei Ohtani.

00:00 Welcome to Fanalytics: The Madness of March

00:45 The Casual Fan's March Awakening

01:14 Discovering Hidden Gems in March Madness

03:04 The Unique Charm of College Basketball

04:04 The Emotional Rollercoaster of Being a Fan

08:18 The Underdog Stories and Cinderella Moments

09:44 The Women's Tournament: A Different Perspective

14:11 The Fandom Phenomenon: Brackets and Beyond

15:47 The Changing Narrative Around Star Players

17:49 The Magic of March: Parents, Players, and Passion

21:58 Reflecting on the Tournament's Coverage and Impact

27:23 Exploring the Economics of College Sports Coaching Salaries

28:00 The Subsidization Dilemma in Women's College Sports

32:31 The Hype Machine: NBA's Influence on Women's Basketball

36:59 The Fascinating Fandom of Caitlin Clark

44:24 NFL Draft Speculations and the Hype Around Prospects

50:01 Deion Sanders' Impact on College Football and NFL Draft

54:44 Pop Culture Detour: The New Roadhouse Movie Review

55:48 Shohei Ohtani's Alleged Gambling Scandal


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