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Super Bowl LV: Tom Brady, Ads, and Problematic Pirates

A few injuries to the Kansas City Chiefs offensive line may have robbed football fans of the Brady-Mahomes duel they envisioned going into Super Bowl LV... Especially with one starting offensive lineman out on the front line fighting COVID-19 (no, really).

But nevertheless, the biggest night in American sports provided the all-around entertainment package fans have come to expect on the first Sunday of each February.

Tom Brady masterfully dissected the Kansas City defense while Todd Bowles's Tampa Bay defense stifled the Chiefs' heralded passing attack. Brands like Doritos and State Farm came to play, while Mountain Dew attempted to change the game entirely. And viewers were divided not only by the teams they rooted for or the ads they preferred, but also the sociopolitical elements surrounding the Super Bowl.

As we wrap up this first year of pandemic football, Professor Mike Lewis and I discuss the game that we witnessed on Sunday, the ads that stood out, and the cultural divide that made Super Bowl LV problematic to so many.

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