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MELT CEO Vince Thompson: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Fan Behavior

Earlier this year, Fanalytics partnered with the Emory Marketing Analytics Center to launch our Spring Webinar Speaker Series with MELT CEO Vince Thompson.

Vince kicked off the Spring edition of our series with a discussion on how COVID has and will shift fan behavior, engagement, & attendance. He also discussed what successful job-seekers do to win a job in sports amidst a pandemic.

Watch the full webinar here:

Listen in podcast format here:

Other presenters and moderators featured this year include Yahoo Sports Senior Writer Jay Busbee, Sid and Ann Mashburn of Mashburn, LLC., VESSOL CEO Mohamed Massaquoi, and Skillshot Media CEO Todd Harris.

Check out their Fanalytics webinars here:

For conference and sponsorship questions, please email the Center at



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