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Storytelling and Analytics with Yahoo! Sports Writer Jay Busbee

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Something a little different.

Jay Busbee (@jaybusbee of Twitter and IG) and I are offering a short course on “Storytelling and Analytics” this January at Emory University. Jay is a senior writer at Yahoo Sports, and I am a professor at Emory and the Director of the Emory Marketing Analytics Center.

The course is being taught for our campus MBA program, but we are taking the opportunity to offer (parts of) the course a little more broadly by leveraging some modern means of communication. This page will provide links to selected course materials. In particular, we are delivering about a third of the course materials via a podcast format.

The student assignments will also be distributed via the podcast. We will post all the relevant links below.

We have prefaced the course in an episode with Goizueta Finance Professor Tom Smith highlighting insights from the 2022 Next Generation Fandom Survey. Watch/listen here.

Check out our episodes with Jay here:



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