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The Power of Rivalries in Sports Fandom

In this podcast episode, Professor Lewis carefully dissects how sports rivalries impact fandom, using Illinois-Northwestern, Georgia-Georgia Tech, Ohio State-Michigan, Alabama-Auburn, and Georgia-Alabama as compelling case studies. Drawing upon his expertise in marketing, Lewis unravels the psychological and emotional underpinnings that make these matchups more than just games on a schedule.

Listeners can expect a deep exploration of the cultural, social, and economic aspects surrounding these rivalries. Lewis sheds light on how these matchups transcend the playing field, becoming integral to the identities of the teams and their fan bases. Whether it's the historic clashes between Ohio State and Michigan or the fierce battles between Alabama and Auburn, each rivalry has its unique narrative that shapes the fan experience.

Throughout the episode, Professor Mike Lewis skillfully weaves together anecdotes, statistical insights, and fan testimonials to paint a comprehensive picture of the impact these rivalries have on the sports landscape. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual observer, this podcast provides a thought-provoking look into the intricate world of sports rivalries and the lasting effects they leave on the hearts and minds of supporters.

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