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Free Agency Madness & The NCAA Tournament(s)

Emory Marketing Professor gives his NFL free agency analysis and makes a bold March Madness prediction involving both men's and women's NCAA tournaments.

Watch/listen here:

In this installment of the Fanalytics podcast, Professor Mike Lewis from Emory University shares his insights on NFL free agency, focusing on the quarterback and running back sectors. He also delves into the shifting landscape of media attention surrounding men's and women's college basketball with March Madness on the horizon. Additionally, the podcast explores the ramifications of NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) regulations, the unionization efforts within the Dartmouth men’s basketball team, and the recent unveiling of bison sculptures near the Buffalo Bills stadium. Wrapping up, the discussion looks forward to Professor Lewis's upcoming 2024 Next Generation Fandom Survey.


00:00 Welcome to Fanalytics: Gearing Up for NCAA Tournaments

00:18 The Spotlight on Women's College Basketball

00:28 The Unforgettable Fight: South Carolina vs. LSU

00:31 NFL Free Agency Moves and Quarterback Market

01:57 Social Media's Impact on Sports Engagement

05:47 Men's College Basketball: The Secondary Sport of March?

06:01 The Rising Popularity of Women's College Basketball

10:44 The Challenge of Identifying College Basketball Stars

12:07 The Evolution of College Basketball and Its Stars

21:22 Exploring the Media's Role in Shaping Sports Narratives

23:51 The Future of College Sports in the NIL Era

24:47 The Evolving Landscape of College Sports

25:14 The Impact of Transfer Portals and Fan Engagement

25:56 The Shifting Dynamics of College Basketball and Football

26:36 The Uncertain Future of Major College Conferences

27:44 NCAA Football's Return to Gaming Consoles

28:50 The NFL's Quarterback Conundrum: Evaluating Talent and Market Value

30:05 The Justin Fields Dilemma: Potential and Trade Speculations

38:02 The Complex Dynamics of NFL Quarterback Salaries

42:24 The Controversial Dynamics Within the Giants Fanbase

45:22 The NFL's Running Back Carousel: A Dime a Dozen?

47:28 Unionization in College Sports: Dartmouth Leads the Way

49:09 Buffalo Bills' Unique Fandom: Bison Statues and Fan Antics

50:32 Exploring Political Fandom Through Data Analytics


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