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This will be the landing page for a new series on celebrity fandom. Quick 1 page analyses of how fandom works for notable sports, entertainment, business, and political figures.

1. Elon Musk


  • Musk Fandom and Anti-Fandom are complex. Musk’s appeal varies across generations and traditional values. Musk’s appeal is concentrated with the most culturally engaged groups (Millennials, Conservative, Religious, and Sports Fans).

Musk’s fandom is best described as highly educated, younger traditionalists.

  • Musk has his greatest appeal amongst Millennials.

  • Musk has more Anti-Fans or Haters among Gen Z, Gen X, and the Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers are the most negative generation.

  • Musk’s fandom is politically skewed. Musk enjoys a positive 14-point gap (Fans – Haters) with Conservatives but a negative 38% point gap with Liberals.

  • Musk scores better with more religious people. In the Non-religious segment, Musk has limited fandom (only 14%).

  • Musk has a slight positive gap with Football Fans (32% to 29%). Musk has a minus 27% fandom score among Non-Football Fans.

  • Musk also scores plus 20% with fans of elite universities (figure not shown).

The Musk Quick Look

Elon Musk
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