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The Ultimate Game: Politics and Polling

When we think Fandom we usually think sports or entertainment. But Fandom is also a key driver of success in the political world. Politics is also a domain that Mike explores on a regular basis.

As the election season heats up, we will occasionally talk politics. Given that most sports are in a holding pattern at the moment, we chose this week as our first political conversation. Specifically, we discuss issues related to polling.

As of this writing, Biden is up about 10 percentage points in the National Polls. However, the Trump team is casting doubt upon whether these polls can be trusted. In some ways, the 2020 campaign is unlike most previous elections in that the Democratic candidate seems to inspire little passion but is currently winning big in the polls. Over the past 3.5 years the Democrats have pursued a vigorous anti Trump strategy. While this "negative" strategy may be effective, it does potentially create a challenging environment for the pollsters.

In today's conversation, we dig into the underlying issues such as the differences between registered and likely voters and whether or not pollsters are under sampling Republican voters. While we can list the concerns about current polling, it is conversation that doesn't lead to a final resolution. With more than 3 months to go until the election all we can do is clarify the issues.

Listen to our discussion on this topic here:

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