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The NFL Draft for Dummies... & Intellects

The 2020 NFL Draft feels more like the Super Bowl in the midst of America's longest sports drought ever. With no NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, or MLB season in play, sports media's biggest players have turned their eyes almost exclusively to the NFL's most prominent offseason event.

Talking heads have provided endless debate on whether Joe Burrow should force a trade to a more desirable destination, whether quarterback-needy teams like the Dolphins should roll the dice on an injury-plagued Tua Tagovailoa, and whether the New England Patriots should trade up to draft Tom Brady's replacement.

With opinion pieces and hypothetical debates saturating the media, Mike and I wanted to take a step back and provide something unique for the intellectual sports fan - a critical thinker's primer for the draft.

In this podcast, Mike discusses how statistical forecasting, cognitive biases, and dynamic optimization each play a role in draft day decision making while I tie these concepts to past draft scenarios.

There's so much more to the NFL Draft than QB selections and trade rumors.

Explore its nuances in this episode:

- Doug Battle, Co-Host of Fanalytics



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