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The Future of College Athletics & Fanless Sporting Events

Recent impermissible benefit allegations involving Zion Williamson, Duke University, Nike, and Adidas have resurrected conversation regarding the NCAA's compensation regulations. With the emergence of the NBA G-League, one can easily imagine players of Zion's caliber forgoing college basketball in favor of lucrative shoe deals and six figure contracts.

But while recent conversation has been largely limited to college hoops, the NBA G-League may set a precedent that impacts other highly profitable collegiate sports - particularly college football. In this podcast, Mike explains how college football has been been able to maintain its three year hold on elite pro prospects for as long as it has. Then, Mike and I explore how the sport's infrastructure could change in light of basketball's rising new system.

In addition to our conversation on college athletics, Mike and I also discuss the latest as it pertains to sports' return... and particularly how leagues can make the most of an unprecedented situation.

Listen to our college sports segment as well as Mike's proposal for fanless sporting events here:

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