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The Battle for Title Town and Fight for First (Pick)

The city of Los Angeles last won a professional sports championship two weeks ago. Tampa Bay's championship drought is twice as long with the Lightning having won the Stanley Cup a whole month ago. And as the World Series approaches Game 6, Professor Mike Lewis and I discuss how the Dodgers and Rays are fighting for more than a World Series pennant; they're fighting to make their respective cities the center of the 2020 sports world.

In this episode, discussion of Tampa Bay sports leads to a continued discussion surrounding Tom Brady... which leads to a conversation regarding the use of analytics in Fantasy Football.

In the show's final segment, Professor Mike Lewis floats the possibility of the Cowboys drafting Trevor Lawerence by me. Mike and I observe how each NFC East team is 1-2 games from the playoffs and number 1 pick before Mike wraps up the show with a tribute to the Washington Football Team (WFT).

Listen to the full podcast here:

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