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Sports Nostalgia & NBA Disney World

The stars and stories of yesteryear have undergone a resurgence as COVID-19 continues to halt the storylines of today's sports heroes. So much so that an uninformed ESPN viewer may be under the impression that Michael Jordan won his 6th ring in recent weeks as heavyweight champ Mike Tyson prepared for a return to boxing and Peyton Manning renewed his rivalry with fellow golfer Tom Brady.

In this episode, Professor Mike Lewis breaks down why nostalgic content has dominated sports media recently as well as what this can teach audiences about fandom.

Then, Doug Battle reacts to the NBA's reported interest in continuing its season at "The Happiest Place on Earth." Mike evaluates potential brand implications for both the NBA and Disney. And the two explore how the NBA could leverage its current constraints to create the best possible presentation of fanless basketball games.

Listen to the full episode here:

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Doug Battle

Co-Host of Fanalytics



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