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"Spineless Weaklings"

Megan McCardle comes out swinging at some of the unfortunate NBA executives who have been caught up in the ongoing China versus NBA dispute.

There aren’t enough synonyms for “cowardly” to capture the craven pusillanimity of America’s corporate capitalists who have abjectly prostrated themselves before Chinese government censors. Those spineless weaklings whose expense accounts tower over their atrophied consciences have shamed themselves and their country.

I am sort of surprised we haven't seen more of this kind of take. The NBA has made it a pretty easy article to write. Steve Kerr take a special hit

On Thursday, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, when asked about human rights in China, actually tried to suggest a moral equivalence between an admittedly less-than-perfect American system of government and a Communist regime that operates concentration camps, imprisons dissidents and violently cracks down on democratic protest.

I can't help but wonder if the Chinese had this planned. Why would the Chinese welcome US companies with clear political agendas? The NBA likes to think of itself as an entity that is driving the culture forward. Why would China, or the Chinese government, want to allow organizations with "cultural missions" access to their culture?



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