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Sixers Sweep & The Doncic Dagger

MIke Lewis opens this week's podcast with a discussion of WWE and how scripted sports can serve as a case study in sports marketing. And when Mike applies such a case study to the National Basketball Associations, conversation swings to recent NBA happenings that can feel scripted to a marketing professor - beginning with 21 & Under G.O.A.T Luka Doncic's historic playoff debut.

While Luka Doncic and Donovan Mitchell have led their respective units to multiple multiple Western Conference upsets thus far, their Eastern Conference counterparts have failed to achieve the same level of success. No Eastern Conference team has disappointed more than Philly. After building their current squad from 4 consecutive top 3 picks between 2014 and 2017 (as well as the number 10 pick in 2018), Philadelphia exited the first round Sunday. Years of tanking and trusting the process have reaped 0 championships for Philadelphia's young core, prompting Mike and me to discuss the franchise's future.

In a brief segment toward the end of the episode, Mike and I break down how unprecedented the media's current focus on the NBA Playoffs may harm the NFL before we preview our upcoming Fanalytics Speaker Series.

Learn more about the Fanalytics Speaker Series and register here.

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