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Protect the Brand(s): MLB and Cheating

Imagine if the Mets and Carlos Beltrán tried to ride out his part in the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal.
His tenure as manager of the team would begin with a news conference in which he not only would have to account for being a mastermind in the team’s systematic cheating, but also have to answer detailed questions about his misuse of technology, such as why he didn’t stop when warned, what he did in the 2017 World Series and when his unethical espionage began. (In the first three seasons with replay monitors near the dugout, 2014-16, Beltrán played for the New York Yankees. He was traded to Texas for the final two months of 2016 and signed with Houston for 2017).
He also would have to explain why, when the scandal first broke, he lied multiple times to reporters in denying he misused technology to decode signs.

Classic damage control.

It is interesting that the response to this cheating has been much more severe than the response to scandals in the NFL (especially the Patriots).

The nature of the stories and the cheating are a bit different but I am struck by the very different responses to the events.



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