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Podcast: NFL Uniform Changes & Socially Distanced Sports

This episode is the beginning of Fanalytics 2.0. We introduce a new weekly format where we take a quick look at some of the more “interesting” events of the last week and give a preview of what’s ahead. We also introduce a new permanent voice to the podcast – Mr. Doug Battle. In terms of the topics, we discuss 1. a couple of new NFL uniforms and 2. how traditional sports are beginning to respond to the COVID-19 shut down. We discuss these topics using a couple of core principles.

For the first topic (new uniforms), the key concept is that fandom creation is generational in terms of time frame. The fact that fandom develops over decades and is passed down across generations makes me skeptical of fashion forward uniforms. Teams need to think about the long-term role of their brand imagery and not just chase new merchandise sales.

Who has the better uniforms –the Yankees and Cubs or the White Sox and Astros? Or in this case - the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Atlanta Falcons?

The second topic is a bit more serious. The various leagues are now speculating about how best to re-open for business. The ideas range from H-O-R-S-E competitions to esports competitions between athletes. MLB is floating the idea of playing the season in Arizona. For this subject, I think the key concept is that fandom is built on shared stories.

What is the better story – when all of MLB lived in the same city OR when Devin Booker defeated Deandre Ayton to win the NBA 2K Players Tournament?

Listen to the full episode here:



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