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Paying College Athletes: Part 2

Click on the photo to listen to the podcast episode.

In part 2 of the paying college athletes discussion, Professors Mike Lewis and Tom Smith follow up about the NCAA allowing athletes to monetize on their name, likeness, and image. They jump into the nuts and bolts of the issue.

On the student side - Tom brings up NCAA regulations on what makes a student an ineligible athlete and how the brand of schools add value to athletes.

Mike dives into the institution side - how does allowing college athletes to profit from their name, likeness, and image affect schools? Boosters supporting college teams - how does this affect top schools vs. lower level schools?

The key question the guys wrestle with is how much "marketing" value do the players actually possess. This is an important issue because if most players don't have brand equity then what would they be paid for?

Next episode in part 3, Mike and Tom will propose solutions on how this can work for players and institutions.



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