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NFL Regular Season vs. NBA Finals

As sports fans, we've never had more content to enjoy in a single season. Nearly every night, we have to decide whether we want to watch college football, the NFL, the MLB postseason, or the NBA Finals. And perhaps some of us have multiple televisions one room to capture as much of the happenings as possible. But with millions of sports fans choosing between games on a nightly basis, each league finds itself drowning in an oversaturated market.

How has the overlap in seasons affected viewership across leagues? Or better yet, how has the overlap in seasons affected fandom across leagues? And what other factors have contributed to the level of enthusiasm expressed by fans in a season of semi-quarantine?

In this podcast episode, Emory Marketing Professor Mike Lewis and I break down how a busy sports schedule has driven the worst NBA Finals ratings in history. We then contrast the NFL's compelling storylines with what feels like an anti-climactic NBA Finals.

Listen to the full episode here:

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