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NFL QB Inflation & ESPN's Declining Ratings

The NFL's largest quarterback contracts may confuse those expecting a logical correlation between performance and pay.

That's because players like Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, and Joe Flacco have been the highest paid quarterback at times in recent history. Yet, none of these players have had the impact or even the promise of a less expensive star such as Tom Brady. What leads NFL teams who calculate their every move to (seemingly) overpay for these players?

In this episode, Professor Mike Lewis applies the theories of cognitive bias, regression to the mean, and the winner's curse to explain how quarterbacks like Jimmy G have inflated the market for QBs - and how Dak Prescott may be the next beneficiary.

In the show's next segment, Mike addresses a recent article from Clay Travis of Outkick

which ties ESPN's declining ratings to its increasingly political content. This raises a discussion concerning the dilemma sports networks, leagues, teams, and players face as they respond to recent events in America.

Listen to the full episode here:

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