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NFL Fandom Countdown Part 2

We continue our countdown of the NFL's top fan bases in this week's podcast, analyzing fandoms across the league.

Watch/listen here:


Fanalytics Fellow and Emory Student Jaden Rothschild provided data that supplements our discussion on Lionel Messi taking his talents to South Beach. Here are a few notes Jaden provided on Messi's MLS impact:

  • Miami’s average ticket price increased from $24.52 to $124.51 following the acquisition of Messi.

  • More Inter Miami merchandise has been sold since in three days than there has been in the last two months (Messi’s name isn’t even able to be printed yet since the deal is not official).

  • Messi chose Miami over Barcelona PSG, and its greatest competitor was Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia, a rival of AL-Nasir and star player Christiano Ronaldo. Al-Hilal offered Messi 400 million.

  • In addition to Messi’s salary, he will also get deals with Adidas and money from Apple TV season passes as well as the option to own at least part of a club after his retimerent like current Inter Miami owner David Beckham.

  • This news is massive for MLS and US soccer. The last two superstars to join the MLS were Pele in the 1970’s and David Beckham in the 2000’s.

  • With the US hosting the World Cup in 2026, the MLS on the rise, the greatest player in the game playing in the US and the US Men’s soccer team starting to succeed, the next generation of US soccer players are in a great position to contend for a World Cup.



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