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Next Generation Fandom Survey 2022: Gender

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

This section of the Emory Marketing Analytics Center’s Next Generation Fandom Survey investigates the similarities and differences between Male and Female fandom in contexts including Sports, Entertainment, and Brands. Sports have traditionally been a male-oriented form of entertainment, and male leagues have long viewed the female fan as a growth segment.

Examining Male and Female fandom is also important as fandom patterns show how each gender is engaged or not engaged with different cultural aspects. Cultural engagement patterns have meaningful implications for the sports and entertainment industry and indicate how American culture works in 2022.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Female Sports Fandom is significantly lower than male Sports Fandom. Likewise, Female Sports Apathy is much higher than male Sports Apathy.

  • The gap in Male-Female fandom is most significant in established sports like Football and Baseball and smallest in Soccer and the Olympics.

  • The most lopsided ratio of Male to Female fandom occurs in Esports.

  • Entertainment fandom rates are similar across the genders. Women are more likely to be Movie and TV fans, while Men are more interested in Comedy.

  • The most significant difference between Male and Female fans occurs in the interest in and importance of gambling.

  • The gap in Male versus Female fandom tends to decrease with younger consumers. In the younger members of Generation Z, Baseball, Hockey, and Soccer have a greater rate of female fandom.

The findings from the 2022 edition of the Next Generation Fandom Survey are located at The survey involves a detailed examination of fandom for a sample of over two thousand Americans during the late Spring of 2022.

The complete report is linked below:

Download PDF • 347KB

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Mark Sorenson
Mark Sorenson
09 nov. 2022

I didn't know about this information. I like to play sports computer games, especially football. And I would be interested to read about this information and see detailed statistics. If you can then create such an article.

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