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March Madness Begins & The AFC West

We kick off this week's podcast with discussion on a wild opening weekend for this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Mike discusses why March is all about guard play as we analyze what statistics this year's Cinderellas have in common. Conversation then turns to the AFC West as we continue our breakdown of every NFL division's quarterback story.

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Mike Lewis 0:07

Hey welcome, everyone. Welcome to the Fanalytics Podcast brought to you by the Emory marketing analytics Center. My name is Mike Lewis. I'm joined by Mr. Doug Battle, Doug. It is the greatest tournament in all of sports. We've talked about this over the years. Oh, yeah, the NCAA basketball tournament, the greatest tournament in all of sports is 68 teams get to participate. So it's sort of democratic. It's one and done. So you've got a bunch of randomness. There's this idea of the Cinderella sort of the small brands taking on the big brands, the Blue Bloods, it has literally everything in it even has a format that allows for, you know, two, three weeks of intense gambling activity to take place in the workplace, with all sorts of trash talking, you know, and mockery going on it is the greatest tournament in all of sports.

Doug Battle 1:01

It's the greatest tournament in sports, you mentioned gambling. I don't know, if it's the best time of year to be a gambler, I saw a number of games and I'll try to pull video for this for social where a team beat the cover or beat the spread on a buzzer beater, still lost the game. But there was one from Damian Lillard range at the end of the end of a game and betters are losing their minds. That's kind of a funny element of all of this. But yeah, I mean, the first few rounds gave us everything, we had a 16 seed beating a one seed for the second time ever. We've got Princeton making, continuing to dance into the sweet 16 Florida Atlantic's kind of the other smaller school in the mix, still, they were a nine seed but, you know, with a, potentially a winnable game coming up against Tennessee, I got some numbers from our new Emory student, Adrian, who's in charge. And Florida Atlantic, that's a team that, you know, they went 34 and three in the regular season. I always keep an eye on those teams that are like 30 wins and above and a smaller conference. Because sometimes you find out come tournament time that, you know, maybe their strength of schedule wasn't great during the season. And maybe produce was but maybe all the teams Purdue played were overrated. Right. And so Florida, Atlanta, that's a team that these are the numbers I got on them. We got 37.2% from three, you know, pretty average from three and free throw 71.6% they're averaging 6.8 steals per game, which I you know, I mentioned to Adrian that I feel like Steel's and three point shooting are such a big part of March and these upsets, you see a lot of turnovers forced for these teams that pull the upsets and they tend to get hot from three. So I liked seeing teams, those upsides Florida Atlantic is one of those.

Mike Lewis 3:06

Let me ask you something. You know, I think the conventional wisdom has always been that the the way Cinderella operates is you got to have good guard play that the NCAA Tournament was set up for, you know, usually the guy or a couple of senior guards. They're probably undersized, and that's why they're at a lower level school. But they got a ton of experience. And you just rolled up reeled off a couple of guards statistics in general, right. Yeah. three point shooting steel.

Doug Battle 3:34

Yeah, it's, like I said, we're, you know, with Adrian, my goal is to try to look at these teams that are pulling up sets and see kind of what the common denominators are. And I do think that, you know, they're kind of guard heavy. I mean, ftu was the smallest team, I think in tournament history. It's in terms of height, and they were playing up against a team with a seven footer. Which by the way, I and I'm going to try to get numbers on this for next week. teams that are offensively centered around a seven foot like kind of traditional big man. Do they ever make it like to the Elite Eight, or it seems like in? I mean, unfortunately, Mike, I think you this hits a little too close to home for you, I think I believe was Kofi Cockburn. Is he a tough guy?

Mike Lewis 4:20

No, I mean, it's, it's a fascinating thing in all of basketball, right? Because when, you know, look, and there's no great insights here, when when I grew up, that was the top of every draft, right? It was the seven foot seven foot one kind of wide body. Kofi Cockburn for Illinois was had all sorts of collegiate accolades, right. And he was, in some ways unguardable at the college level, because he's bigger than everyone else, but very little sort of love from the professional side. I can't think of a I mean, I guess Joel Embiid ends up being sort of the most traditional kind of guy that still has a lot of The guy and I'm not saying that he does, but in terms of resembling that it was a it's a good observation in terms of how the three point shooting has completely changed the game of basketball.

Doug Battle 5:10

Yeah, and you mentioned in bead, you look at the NBA and it's more or less the same story, maybe not to the same extent like I feel like there's more upsets in the first round college basketball teams that have seven footers and that are centered around seven footers. Then in the NBA, but you look at the MVP race right now. I mean, Nicola, yo kitch, Joel Embiid. And those guys have been MVP candidates for the last couple of years, but come playoff time and nobody's picking them, you know, last year to the Warriors. You know, teams like the suns are going to be hot picks, no pun intended. Teams like the Celtics teams that have dominant guard play, and it seemed for whatever reason, it's much like quarterback play in the NFL Mike, where, you know, the 40 Niners with Jimmy G in any given year could have won 1314 games and the regular season become postseason. No one's expecting them to make it even, you know, to the Super Bowl. And I think that's the expectation with a guy like yo, kitch, and Denver and a guy like Joel Embiid. And I'd love to personally I'd love to see a finals this year of Sixers nuggets too, the all time greats bigs, but we just haven't seen that Mike, and college basketball we haven't seen as well, I was trying to think of like the last dominant big to really carry a team far into the tournament. And the last player I could think of was Anthony Davis. Wow, it was really like a stretch for I mean, he's he's kind of a hybrid. He's not a true center. And in the same way that a Joel Embiid, or

Mike Lewis 6:38

while he was like, I remember him coming out of high school because he was he was well below the radar, I think he might have been ranked as something like a three star. And it was one of these, one of these early season camps or AAU events. And he rocketed up from maybe being a borderline top 100 player to well, and the reason I know this story, remember this story is because he was played high school basketball in the state of Illinois, which means he was the University of Illinois, the target target. But over the course of like one weekend, he went to a seemingly completely out of reach for the beloved Elijah and you know, kind of Kentucky bound and you know, again, I think he went from maybe out of the 100 to top one or top two players in the country. Interesting.

Doug Battle 7:24

That's one of my observations. Another observation from Adrian Fanalytics analyst finalist, Adrian, in terms of offense for The Atlantic is very balanced, scoring scoring across their top five players, 13.9 points per game, 13.1 points per game, 10.4 points per game, 8.9 points per game, and 8.4 points per game. And one of my observations over the years is my tendency when I'm doing my bracket is to look for like a Stefan curry look for a guy that can get really hot, and that can carry single handedly carry his team far into the playoffs. But it seems like more often than not these teams that are pulling the upsets are really well balanced. And there's not you know, they have a number of different weapons that can score the basketball, where a great team can't just focus on one player and try to shut him down. And if they shut him down, it's game over. Instead, it's the team that moves the ball around, and it's pretty balanced. And so that's another Florida Atlantic observation I made but again that, you know, to me, they're kind of borderline Cinderella, like that's a 31 team and the regular season. We've seen those 31 teams over the years make Ron's Princeton on the other hand, is a true you know, the definition of a Cinderella making it to the Sweet 16 as a 15 seed, and I've got a game against Chris Creighton coming up, Mike that you know, feels winnable feels like they can make the Elite Eight.

Mike Lewis 8:51

Did you see the Instagram video? I want to say this was a Bleacher Report video. So I think it's been all over where they just had a camera going over the Princeton. I don't know. You know, not they're cherry picking but it was essentially look at the students on the Princeton campus. And they're just sitting there the library studying. Just hear zero emotion, right? The opposite of you know, the Philadelphia let's go out and flip a car kind of thing, win or lose.

Doug Battle 9:23

I love it. I love it. As the Princeton students are locked in. I think there are probably more Princeton basketball fans that that didn't go to Princeton or have any affiliation with the school right now then people who actually went or are going to school, I think if you're going to school there, you probably don't have time to watch these games due to studies or whatnot. And so, hats off to those students but also hats off to those players. This is a team Mike during the regular season 64th and offensive efficiency 77th in defensive efficiency. Okay, so unlike Florida Atlantic, who was 13 He's an 18th respectively in those categories. This is not a team that has been performing at that level. And it's just a matter of how well the quality of their opponents, this is a team that that is hardly in the tournament and performing ridiculously well right now, another team that I feel like is well balanced. They're a high scoring team, they force a fair amount of steals they have a pretty healthy free throw in three point percentage like Princeton's kind of the classic underdog team in March. And again, Creighton coming up on the horizon. It's, you know, my, in March, I don't have a dog in the fight like Georgia is not in the mix. Virginia has kind of my family's team, and they have a tendency to lose early as they did list this year, which I predicted. But Princeton is is my team moving forward, I will be riding with Brian with the Princeton team more than their students. So are the rest of the

Mike Lewis 10:57

way. Are you searching for the mascot? The Princeton Tigers dog, I believe the

Doug Battle 11:00

Princeton team. What I came up with

Mike Lewis 11:07

it is I mean, when I think ivy league basketball, you know, obviously, I think, you know, Penn is usually the hands probably the historical power, but Princeton, Princeton might be I think it's always one of those two. To be honest with you, like, look, when I when I think about this tournament 100%, right. It's like this idea of the underdog fair, Farley Dickinson beating, you know, 16, beating one will, Doug, I think sports has, I think I've been a little bit of a pessimist the last few years in terms of you in terms of where fandom is going. But, you know, the numbers have started to go up on some things, you know, from the tournament numbers, the TV ratings are up a little bit. The Emmy ratings were up a little bit, it's almost like national mood might be shifting some. I'm absolutely fascinated that, that that the tournament numbers were up, because I've heard so little chatter about college basketball this year. Yep. Guess what? It turns out, it doesn't matter. No one knows any of the players. The focus is on, you know, some of the coaches, you know, Tom is no. And it's on the brands, you know, it's well, Princeton and, you know, Princeton and Michigan State, etc, etc. And it's like, that's all people need to need to know to sort of get back into this. So it's, you know, tremendous stories, always, always. And now, that being said, and this is where I started this from, I can't do it, Doug. I can't root for an Ivy League team. There's so good. There's something to public school about me. That Heneghan people laugh. I used to say that kind of stuff. It's like, you know, I get degrees from Chicago and Northwestern as well. But I cannot root for the Ivy League team.

Doug Battle 12:50

Well, I think part of that is, is being a professor at the Ivy League or the south Mike. And it feels it feels like we're underrepresented. We need Emory to have a D one program because, I mean, imagine the buzz in Atlanta if Emory were making this run, which by the way Kennesaw State, almost pulled it off in the first round. They were this close to being the top of the tournament.

Mike Lewis 13:09

Okay, Doug, so Kennesaw State Kennesaw State is one of the part of the state universities, state universities of, of Georgia. You know, the Georgia has, of course, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, but KSU. And there's Georgia State, there's been some movement from the, let's say, the non traditional powers to move into the highest ranks of collegiate sports, Kennesaw State made the NCAA tournament. We're leading Xavier well into the second half. Kennesaw State is also planning to go to the FBS division of college football. And so they're actually in the process of expanding the stadium so they can get their 15,000 people, you know, for their average attendance, right. I don't know that that did a lot for cans for Kennesaw State in the long term. But I know that people at KSU were paying attention. There was even a bus that went up there from KSU. And so again, what a great illustration of what this tournament means beyond just a basketball game. Suddenly, Kennesaw State is on the TV. And you know, maybe doing it once is kind of a nice story. But if you know if they do that year after year after year, people know who they are.

Doug Battle 14:26

Yeah. And you know, there are millions of brackets and teams, I had to research their team and their program and look into what they've accomplished and what their mascot is, and all the rest. And so I think it's great. And

Mike Lewis 14:40

hold on hold on. Hootie hoo go out.

Doug Battle 14:46

Yeah, maybe next year for the owls. But yeah, I think for those schools too, for the student body, just not. I know in the south, there's kind of there's the students that get the what they view as the traditional college experience, which is See see football right in the south again that's that's viewed as the traditional college experience. And then there's the students that take another path and I think for them to get to be front and center Limelight like get to get all rambunctious on TV and celebrate and get all into it and get the full sports experience as part of their college experience is a great thing for their students a great thing for the schools attracting students and you know, putting putting the school on the map so I think nobody put their school on the map more than Farley Dickinson I remember when it was Florida Gulf Coast, making a run in the tournament and looking in and then apparently their school was like on the beach and becoming interested now. I know people who go to school there. And so I do think that there is the March Madness particularly for these smaller under the radar schools has this magic of putting them on the map and bringing them to the limelight, if only for a moment.

Mike Lewis 15:54

Okay, Doug, I got one more question for you. Who's your coach of the tournament so far? Oh, man,

Doug Battle 15:58

Mike, I was ah, you know who I'm gonna go with. And it is the head coach of Arkansas basketball. I don't know if you saw this, Mike. But during the game, or after the game, Arkansas won a thriller, right in their last game and against Kansas. And so I was watching with a buddy and he and I watch March Madness together. Every year, we played high school basketball together. We've stayed in touch over the years and like we never hang out until this time of year and then we hang out. And every game we've watched I swear we've watched like five games and the point differential across the five is probably five points. And so inevitably, when we watched the Kansas Arkansas game together, it was going to be a classic, and it did not disappoint. comes down to the end, Arkansas. It felt like Kansas was winning the whole game. Arkansas just stays in there. And my buddy kept saying, you know, inevitably Kansas is going to win this. I said, Hey, it's a one. It's a one possession game. Anything can happen if you keep it a one possession game. Anything can happen. Arkansas pulls the upset and there goes the coach into he pulled a pat Bev I don't know if you remember Pat Bev, when I guess it was a playing game or when the Timberwolves made the playoffs last year, he jumped up on the Scores Table. And he kind of I think he took off his jersey and he just had on a wife beater. Well, Eric Musselman great name by the way, muscle man. Eric muscle man showed off his muscles takes off the shirt, swinging it around. There was a fan in the crowd that was following his lead. I wanted to see the whole team follow his lead. I wanted to everyone up on the table swinging their shirts around starting to new Arkansas basketball tradition, but he was leading the Woo Pig suit each year. He was and to me it just It doesn't get better than that. And so that's my coach at the tournament thus far leading, you know, kind of middle of the pack SEC team into the sweet 16 And the same tournament where Kentucky's out Auburn's out, you know, a lot of these powerhouses in the SEC are out and Alabama looking phenomenal. But Arkansas making a justice far to this point. And celebrating right. I think I think that one of the most fun parts of March Madness, and like you talked about it being all about the coaches is that these guys, they let loose and have fun like in college football. I don't know if you notice how different it is when like Kirby smart wins a first round game against TCU. And they interview him and it's like job's not finished is that Kobe Bryant quote jobs not finished Nick Saban, all those you know, Ryan days that way. I mean, all the top coaches in college football, they have that, you know, we're not celebrating anything. Until and until we have a championship and then we're celebrating for 24 hours and starting to prep for the next season. college basketball. These guys know how to enjoy the moment. They know when it's their time, even like Tom Izzo, like Tom is as a guy who's had so much tournament success, you wouldn't think a second round game would mean anything to him. And he's partying, like he just won the final, you know, like you want the whole thing. And so I love it. But Eric Musselman, my coach for the first two rounds, I'll be I'll be watching Arkansas in hopes that they get another win. And he continues with his new tradition of going full Magic Mike on the Arkansas fans on the front row.

Mike Lewis 19:03

Yeah, I mean, you wonder where it came from, whether it was just a moment of pure inspiration, or if he's got 100% 100% It works, right. It's like because it's like one of those moments of in years think through this. It's like, you have this, you know, amazing athletic achievement. Everyone's emotions are heightened, everyone's got full attention. And suddenly, you know, 40 plus 50 year old coach, I don't know how old he is, is taken off his shirt 58 and throwing that shirt into the crowd. It's like it, you know, you wouldn't even script that right and so that's the beautiful thing you mentioned is Oh, and you know, there's a tradition of these coaches, you know, dancing in the locker room getting champagne poured on him. And you're right, it's a it does seem to have a different feel than it does in the in big time college football where maybe there's some Gatorade, but beyond that, we go straight back to business

Doug Battle 20:03

back to business. And there's it's kind of like people call the NFL the No Fun League, but college football is gone now. And I love college football. Don't get me wrong, but I'm just saying, the coaches, and the players don't take themselves too seriously. In college basketball, I remember Shaka smart diving on the floor before games with players back when he was coaching at VCU. And, you know, we see it time and time again. I remember Willie Williams dancing. And you know, it goes back to like, I mean, Ted lassos out now. And season one at TED last. So they had that fake viral video of Jason Sudeikis dancing in a locker room with his football players. And, you know, it's like, we've got a bunch of Ted lassos coach in college basketball, like these guys know how to have fun, they know how to enjoy a win. And if they don't want it all, they're proud of their guys. And they're, I mean, I saw some viral videos of coaches given heartwarming speeches after a loss, you know, talking about how proud they were of how hard their guys fought. And I just love it. I love the culture, the coaching culture come March and basketball. And it's something unique to the sport and something special that you don't see in the NBA. And part of why a lot of people prefer college to the NBA, even though the NBA is a superior product in terms of performance, the players.

Mike Lewis 21:17

You know, I can it's obvious in your voice. You totally all in on this. Did you watch a lot of college basketball this year? No.

Doug Battle 21:24

I'm not gonna pretend to know, I used to.

Mike Lewis 21:28

I used to watch a ton of college basketball. And it seemed like it was almost, you know, almost hard to find this year like it, it really dropped off the radar. But it is remarkable how, you know, again, March starts. And look, I may have made a comment that you know, even Selection Sunday didn't seem to have. Or maybe you know, sometimes they get confused between the podcast and class selection son. I mean, here's it. Here's an analytic story. Selection, Sunday used to be kind of a big deal. It was like, because no one knew who was going to get in. Now there are so many analysts and there's so much discussion of what the committee is looking for that there is essentially no mystery, right? It's like, oh, you know, we thought we were going to be an aid. And we turned out we were in nine. And so they've killed off a little bit of the magic associated with that. But, you know, so no, no marquee players, no household names on the court, the sum of the dramatic build up gone. But still, the nature of this tournament just works. And I think that's a it's a great thing. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the course of his are one of the problems is see how this plays out over the course of years and years, you know, Can you can you sustain this? Or will it will evolve to something different?

Doug Battle 22:47

Yeah, I think with college basketball in terms of fandom, during the season, it's a very localized, it's kind of like the MLB like the people in those cities have the the teams that are succeeding are following it real closely. And maybe there's, you know, the Dodgers equivalent would be like UNC or Duke. Like there's there's a couple teams with fans all over the place, but it's mostly localized. You know, like the Alabama fans, I know. We're locked in this year, they were watching every game because it's Alabama's year, they have a great team, they have a great team, of course, sinner have a lot of controversy. So they were kinda in the national spotlight as well. But mostly the people watching those games are Alabama fans, the Georgia fans, I know not watching a lot of basketball, you know, the, the non basketball schools, if you will, their fans, and I think the general public, it's like, if you if you didn't go to one of those schools that's kind of at the top during the regular season. It's not that interesting or intriguing. But come March, all of a sudden, it's like everybody's pulling for Princeton, everyone's was pulling for Farley Dickinson or and now you know, Florida Atlantic, like March has this kind of built in infrastructure of it doesn't matter if you have a team because you have a dog in the fight if you have a bracket. And then they tell the story is so well. And there's so compelling that everyone buys into the story of this team, this program of you know, Farley Dickinson, a team that shouldn't have been in the tournament, they lost their conference championship, to a team that wasn't eligible due to not being in the NCAA long enough Division one. And the stories draw people in. It's like watching a movie in real time, Mike, and I think that it, it does engage a much wider audience than the regular season. Because you still have those diehard Alabama fans, you still have those diehard Houston fans, those teams that are making runs that fans have been watching all year. But then you bring in people who don't have a dog in the fight who have never had a team who maybe didn't go to college or didn't go to a basketball school or school that has D one sports and they're watching these games like they're like their life depends on it. And so I love that about March. I think it's fine. I think it's almost a universal. I think it's almost a unifier in this day and age where we talked about the Superbowl kind of being the one sporting event that brings everyone together. March is probably the closest First thing I say mostly due to the brackets?

Mike Lewis 25:03

Yeah, I think you're probably right that it probably is the brackets. I suspect that fantasy football has surpassed the brackets. But I would guess the brackets are the second biggest mass gambling. And again, call it gambling, call it fantasy, whatever you want to call it. But the brackets are probably the second, the second most common thing that people participate in. And you know what I could be wrong on that. I mean, the brackets were always like built for the office built for the workplace built for school, right? It's like, well, what are we going to do in March? Well, we're going to fill out the brackets and someone's going to score that. Then this went to, you know, automated an ESPN. And suddenly, you know, everyone's taking apart your grandma's in the BRAC. Right. And, you know, and so it is almost it'd be an interesting thing. And I don't, I don't have a sense of what the data looks like. But in terms of let's say families doing things together, brackets and fantasy football way is like one of those What's that? What's that TV show where they have the Family Feud. Name things families do together, you know, and fantasy football, it might be number three in brackets might be number four, right after, after zooming grandma for her birthday.

Doug Battle 26:14

Yeah. And inevitably, in the family bracket. The sports buff is the guy who has the worst ranking wine. And the person in the group who wasn't a sports fan. And picks based on the prettiest jerseys is going to be the person who comes out on top and gets the bragging rights. So that's part of the fun is, you know, it's it doesn't have that barrier of entry of expertise. I think people feel intimidated with things like fantasy football, or like, I don't know, these players, I don't know. And March Madness, it is so random. It's not random, but it is random. There's that level of randomness where it gives everyone a chance. And who knows what's gonna happen. I've had my share of bottom ranking brackets in years where I have watched a lot of college basketball.

Mike Lewis 26:59

Yeah, but Doug, I think that's that's the thing about fantasy football and the brackets that actually makes it work, right. Because you're actually the more expertise you think you have, you're probably more of a danger to yourself. Yeah, right. Where we're the the non fan who's just looking at the published rankings, in terms of historical scores are looking at, you know, well, this team is a one and this team is a 16. The experts will inevitably talk themselves into a, you know, a worse finish than they need to.

Doug Battle 27:28

Yeah, my problem every year is I'll talk myself, I'll you know, every year it seems like there's like three or four really massive upsets in the first round. And so I tend to pick three or four, like I'm trying to get it exactly right. And the problem is, when, when you pick, you know, when you get one of those, but the other three aren't right, but then three other ones happen and all sudden, you just lost for four games that you could have had at least three of them if you just pick the higher seat every time. So it does kind of it does kind of come back to bite you. If you over over analyze it. So we had an upset Mike in college wrestling this week that was bigger than any of the upsets in college basketball, including Farley Dickinson, and it had an all time response. I mean, I expect a lot from fans in college basketball. This was next level Mike, I had no idea. They know

Mike Lewis 28:20

what you're talking about, Doug, and you'll, you know, we'll put the video out there. Yeah, yes, this was this was something that belongs in a college course on emotions. So the way this went down is what was the wrestler was a three time defending NCAA champion. It was heavy already the best of all time. Yeah. And lost, and mom couldn't handle it. And so forth temper tantrum, displayed her glasses, which is I think that's kind of the key thing. It's like, she destroyed her own glasses. Right? You

Doug Battle 28:55

know, I'd love to see her get an NHL deal. That would be marketing magic. Get her games craft would be Parker, Warby Parker lens craft players show the clip and then have her as the face of the company moving forward. I would love that. Yeah, that was all time and I just

Mike Lewis 29:13

isn't that the thing right when your team lose? What's great about right as everyone can relate to it? Yeah, your kid losing is of course next level. But frankly, it's not that different from your team losing depending on who your team losing. Right. It's like I think you know, a lot

Doug Battle 29:30

of us felt that way over the weekend. I know my family did watching the Virginia game, Mike from our previous conversation sounds like you had those you might have might not have behaved that way but internally that's exactly how you feel watching your

Mike Lewis 29:41

team what Doug is referencing. The finding a line I lost in the first round two out of the tournament so far. And I have to admit that I go in cycle right and now we've been doing that we've been Doug has been with me in the pot with me on the podcast for three years and so he's actually seen a little bit of a little bit of cycles because Illinois sports has struggled. But then we had a moment I think we were number one or number two seed one into the years into the tournament. And I came into this tournament talk and trash and just rolling through and we had, we had my favorite player Curbelo and Kofi Cockburn and blot and, you know, I you know, and you know, I loved it. And then I remember infamously essentially coming on and I think talking trash about sister Jean, because Loyola was the team that knocked them out, right. And so 100% I'm talking trash about a nun. I think that's the I'm a professor talking trash about a non. That's the equivalent of me destroying my own classes, I think, right?

Doug Battle 30:41

We've all done it. There's, I mean, there's videos of me at Georgia games. Back in my days where I would paint up, I would always try to hide from the cameras and disappointing moments because I didn't want to become a meme. Some people did. And you see it all the time, or one of my favorites all times, there's a Virginia fan after they blew a football game. And he just throws his entire body over, he's on the front row, kind of in the endzone he throws his entire body where he's just hanging like a rag doll. His arms are just hanging there. Just completely lost his will to stand up straight and have you know, muscles or spine or anything. He just turned into jello as soon as the game as soon as they lost it just totally broken. And I love seeing that. But yeah, this mom, I don't know some about parenting and sports, like anyone who played little league sports or has been a parent for a child at little league sports has seen a parent or two, who loses their composure and maybe becomes over invested. I'm not saying this lady was over invested her son's in the national championship. It's a very big deal. And I actually admire her the the amount of commitment she had to seeing him through to win, and her inability to handle it appropriately. When he did it. And the people around her like the it's like they're consoling her like as if it looked as if she were grieving something serious. And they were they were legitimately concerned for her.

Mike Lewis 32:07

Well, and you know, the other great thing was the, you know, sometimes you read the Twitter threads, and all these. And yeah, and the path that one went that was struck me was who cares, it's wrestling after wrestle after college wrestling is over, these things go on to nowhere. And then the quick responses of or they could fight in the UFC or Bellator and make millions of dollars, blah, blah, blah. It's, it's, again, maybe that's almost a little bit. It's clearly it's a little bit different, but we're talking about but it's fascinating to see how these arguments play out. And you know, how the reaction to this kind of, I mean, you know, when I think about what she did, right? Clearly, it's a little bit unhinged, just the word that comes to mind. Right? It's like, she's kind of lost it. But I also put a stop by thinking he's probably a national champion three times over, because his mom had the right sort of crazy

Doug Battle 33:06

Oh, yeah. And And to piggyback on that, and I'm glad you said that Mike. The right sort of crazy I don't know if you saw this video but another video went viral of the mom and the son practice wrestling in the living room and she pins him down. I kid you not. I kid you not. There's a video out there and she is a if he's the national champion. She she's probably runner up so I think she's upset now that she just went from number two wrestler in the world to number three because her son's now behind someone. And her ranking fell as well. But that video is out there. I'll send it to you my thank you. You know, she but you know, they were training in the living room since since he was four for this. And so it's it's been a long time coming and the only thing I like more seeing parents react that way and Little League sporting events.

Mike Lewis 33:56

Okay. To finish off today, I want to spend let's continue our path through the through the quarterback narrative sort of quick review in terms of where everything went the wind down over the last year. We are now at the AFC West. You know, Doug, it's funny when I started to think about the AFC West. You know, the one name that didn't even occur to me, I started thinking, you know, Justin Herbert and you know, Derek Carr and, you know, the Broncos, and I realized I had completely and then I you know sort of just pulled it up and went yeah, mom's but I realized why I had done it. You know, I like one of the reasons I love talking about quarterbacks is because there's almost always this great debate of, you know, it's not you know, it's not Peyton Manning. It's Tom Brady. It's not Terry Bradshaw. It's, it's Kenny Stabler or Roger Staubach. Right. There's always this kind of debate and can usually be had by some people throwing this number out or that number out this last year. Pat mahomes dominated just about every statistical category. Doug, and he won the Super Bowl, and the Chiefs went 14 and three, it is as clear a domination of this as the guy. He also has the biggest long term contract. So in some ways with Pat mahomes, there's not a lot to say. The narrative continues. Brady's retired again, this guy is the next guy up not just in terms of being a great quarterback. He's the next guy up in terms of being the face of the league. I don't know if he can do it in terms of personality in terms of acting ability. But he is the next guy up in terms of like the guy that looks to be ready to dominate the League for the next decade.

Doug Battle 35:36

Yeah, he does. And going into the season, there was that debate about Buffalo Bills quarterback, Josh Allen, and Patrick mahomes. And whether or not Josh Allen was actually the better quarterback, and would this year be the year? I know a lot of people think that buffalo should have been in the Super Bowl last year. And so they felt like this year is going to be the year where Josh Allen proves. And I think part of that is like I think people are a little biased to Josh Allen because he's like a little bit more likable personality or I don't know, there's, you know, we've kind of touched on like, Patrick mahomes. Not everybody loves Patrick mahomes. And it's not like he's a bad guy or anything. But he's so unorthodox, and everything about him is so unorthodox that I think it rubs some people the wrong way. And so I think there were kind of people rooting for Josh Allen to be that guy to be the next Brady and to kind of supplant mahomes as the face of the league this year. And it didn't happen, Mike. It's all about the playoffs and come playoff time, Kansas City dominated again. Patrick mahomes, another MVP Super Bowl performance. You know, it's a team that went 14 and three in the regular season. I think the reason we don't think about them and reference to their division, the AFC West when I think of the AFC West, I don't think of the chiefs like I started thinking about the other couple teams, because it's like a given the chiefs are gonna win it. And they're already you know, they're, it's, it's the who's the second team gonna be? Because the Chargers are, they're gonna make the playoffs, the Raiders, the Bronco, I mean, going into the season, people thought the Broncos could be that second team. And of course, they finished five and 12. And so, you know, it's, it's like the chiefs are kind of in A League of Their Own there. It's the AFC West. And then there's the Kansas City Chiefs as the champions, it's like, Who's Who's gonna get the AFC West wildcard spot, if any of them. Right, which this year was the Chargers. And it

Mike Lewis 37:25

might be the same thing at this point in terms of the quarterback debate, which is almost a little unfortunate. I love the idea of there being a quarterback debate, right? And who who is the guy and so, you know, just No, no, this is not an absence of love for Patrick mahomes. But I'd like to see I'd like to see Joe burrow step it up or, or Josh Allen step it up or Justin Herbert still gonna say yeah, controversy going.

Doug Battle 37:52

I think burrow I think a lot of people have like, are kind of backing burrow. Now. It's kind of like politics with these quarterbacks, like, it's like when one guy loses a race the next election. It's like, well, what about this other guy and people start getting excited about another guy. And I think that throws that other guy. Now, Josh Allen still, like I've said, 100 times, still in a great position, bills are still in great positions, nothing's changed. There's still a great football team with a great position to compete moving forward, but it's like people are starting to move on a little bit and say, Well, maybe burrow will be that. Maybe he'll he'll be the guy that can supplant mahomes and Herbert's like one step behind burrow.

Mike Lewis 38:28

And I hate to be you know, I hate to use this kind of terminology, because it just seems kind of, like you're just lacking the right kind of analytics or vocabulary, but it seems like burrow has much more of the it factor, like the marketing factor, to be the face to be the face of the league. It's just, frankly, it's just more fun when burrow is winning, then when mahomes is winning. The next guy, you're right, Justin Herbert, you know, he is in that next group of quarterbacks and he's, I think, coming off his third season. And so we should very quickly be understanding now what we've got and Justin Herbert what we've seen so far is very good, you know, like that. As an aside, part of me looks at some of the franchises these guys play for Herbert in particular Herbert and burrow particular and you just wonder if those franchises are going to be able to provide the support structure for those guys to become the dominant quarterbacks in the in the NFL? Yeah,

Doug Battle 39:31

I mean, I you know, Burroughs certainly in that position in Cincinnati where it's like he inherited a really bad team and I don't know if he had the support structure but he took him to the Super Bowl and now they're competitive team every year and the Chargers you know what's interesting about Justin Herbert you talk about your your bill belcheck are known not your Bill Parcells rules, the Purcells rules. I don't know if Herbert checked all those boxes like he was a guy at Oregon. elite talent, great performances You know, they don't know that they won. They like, I don't think they made the college football playoff. I don't know that they achieved as much as you would maybe expect with like a generational talent like that.

Mike Lewis 40:10

How many years? 30? How many years? Did he start for him?

Doug Battle 40:12

Three years. Okay. Yeah. So I mean, I think they want a Rose Bowl in there, but not when it was a playoff game. And so he's a guy that I mean, much like Josh Allen, I think until he wins a championship, the knock on him or the question about him that hesitation about Justin Herbert is going to be Yeah, he puts up stats, but can you can you win the big one? You know, can and that's always the question that's and some guys get over that hump. I mean, I remember like as a Georgia guy, Kirby smart when he lost his first National Championship last SEC championship the next year, and he was kind of got pegged as, oh, yeah, he wins a lot of games but can't win the big one. And that was, that was Peyton Manning for a long time. That was Dabo Swinney, you know, at Clemson for Clemson was kind of a bit of a lot of jokes, because they would never get over the hump and Ohio State football for a while until that Ezekiel Elliott team. And so, you know, we've seen over the years, like, it's not like you can't get out of that. But Justin Herbert is in that stage, as is Josh Allen right now, where it's like, yeah, they're, they're crazy good, and they put up crazy numbers. But benefit of the doubt is gonna go to mahomes. Even if his numbers aren't as good. People are gonna, they'd say they'd prefer him.

Mike Lewis 41:26

He's, you know, harbor was actually down a little bit in 22 versus 21. Yeah, you know, just looking at touchdowns. two interceptions. He was 38 and 15. And 21. dip down to 25 and 10. This last year? Yeah. Um, passing yards went from, I think it's 5000 to about 4700 was,

Doug Battle 41:44

what was the hurt? Was it did he miss any time?

Mike Lewis 41:46

I don't, I don't recall. I mean, they don't either. Still passing for 4700 yards doesn't seem like he missed much time. But the the thing about it though, Doug, he took a little bit of a step back, but the team improved by one game and went to 10 and seven from nine and eight. Now, I'll be honest with you like Justin Herbert, and this might seem like a strange connection. Justin Herbert's the guy that if I'm the chargers, I'm really interested in what's happening with Lamar Jackson. Right? Not that I have an interest in Lamar Jackson. But is Lamar Jackson going to reset the quarterback world, and now suddenly, we're gonna go to 60 or $65 million a year. And so Herbert's interesting, right, because there's still a couple of option years left for the chargers, but like burrow, you know, some of these really young guys, they may have to do something really crazy financially. Otherwise, you know, faces Scituate, if these quarterbacks all start going to the free market, then suddenly, you know, as the San Diego or sorry, Los Angeles chargers franchise, without a lot of history with a lot of history of winning, you really got to think about locking this guy up before you've done any deep playoff runs. And a couple of $100,000,000.02 100 $50 million guaranteed.

Doug Battle 43:12

Yeah, I lock them up as soon as I could. My he's one we talked about, oh, you know, what's the best thing to do with Lamar Jackson? There's a lot of uses. Should the Giants resign Daniel Jones, which they did all these kind of tough situations, tough decisions about quarterbacks. So you're not sure if it's the right move for the cost. I don't know if there's a cost that is too much for Justin Herbert when you're the chargers, we know how hard how hard it is to land a quarterback of that caliber, likely not happening in free agency and the draft of theirs. You know, most of us don't even have a quarterback of that caliber, much less like where you're positioned to draft them. And so for the chargers, Justin Herbert's in a great position, I think the Chargers are in a great position and that they have him on the roster and that they can lock him down. And very similar to Cincinnati, like I would do whatever it takes, I would go ahead and try to, you know, arrange that long term deal, get it locked in and move forward from there and not deal with a potential fiasco, or, you know, Drew Brees situation, or Lamar Jackson situation where the guy has the opportunity to leave and go to another team, potentially to a team that's better equipped for Super Bowl

Mike Lewis 44:21

now, but now I think the question is, you know, depending on what happens a little bit with Lamar Jackson, are you even going to be able to lock these guys down?

Doug Battle 44:30

Is he going to just say, Nope, I'm holding out?

Mike Lewis 44:33

I mean, if if Jackson gets his $300 million or $275 million, then it could you know, it could fundamentally change the dynamics of all this. So I've looked I agree with if I'm the Chargers or the Bengals lock in these guys down because these guys have

Doug Battle 44:50

enough. Yeah, so Lamar Jackson. The perception is that he really rolled the dice on this, like from a risk management standpoint. Lamar Jackson did. not take a conservative approach. And I don't know that he has an agent representing him. I know that, like ro Quan Smith, in a very similar situation left Chicago, was traded from Chicago to Baltimore, because he wanted a contract that would reset the linebacker market. Chicago wasn't willing to pay it. He's representing himself also kind of the perception was that he was being a little bit extreme, not not managing his risk very well. And it might come back to bite him, particularly if there were to be an injury. Well, sure enough, Ro Quan Smith got the contract he wanted in Baltimore, and he's paid getting paid a lot more than he would have paid how he played it safe, Lamar Jackson, we'll see what happens. But he's in a very good place in the sense that he did not have a serious season ending injury. Well, I guess he did have a season ending injury because he didn't play at the end of the season. But

Mike Lewis 45:48

well, the only thing that I think that the thing that complicates the Lamar Jackson move, right? Is those two first round picks. Right? Well, what's the market look like? If he didn't have to give up two first round picks, because that that takes his price from being historical, to potentially crazy is probably why there seems to be very slow movement for Jackson so far. Doug, the third team in the AFC West, I love it. I love I love this division in some ways, Derek Carr. I mean, it was an odd, that was an odd ending to a career where essentially, he kind of, you know, decided to shut it down right to Department got to retire the car, as they would say in Formula One. But they've now gone with with Jimmy G. And Doug, I'll tell you something that I'm fascinated by. It's a pretty significant discount to replace Derek Carr with Jimmy G. But as of now, you know, in terms of the numbers I'm looking at, I'm feeling pretty good about that. If I'm the Raiders, I think I made almost got an upgrade for you know, 67% of the price. Yeah,

Doug Battle 47:04

and they got roasted on social media. There's, you know, replacing one guy with basically the same guy. And that's how that's how sports fans view these things. You know, you look at it, and you say, well, he's not any better. But if you think about it in terms of salary, and what you can do with that money, like the opportunity cost, you take a guy like, would you rather have Derek Carr and his production, or Derek Carr, and an extra, however many millions of dollars that can go toward the offensive line and the running backs and the receivers and the defense. And like if you can get a guy of equivalent production, and also have more resources toward building the team around them. It's a good move, and it's a better team. And you know, I don't hate the move for Oakland. And I think it was very calculated. And I don't know that they got a fair shake in the media for what they did and what they pulled off. And Jimmy Garoppolo has won a lot of football games over the years. He played good teams, but he's won a lot of football games.

Mike Lewis 48:02

Let me give you a couple numbers. So Derek Carr, his quarterback, two interceptions. And I'm just using this as a shorthand was 24 verses 14 and 2022, verses 23 and 14 and 2021. That's pretty consistent, and pretty consistent in terms of being a very average NFL quarterback. Jimmy G through 11 Games was 16 touchdowns, and four interceptions. And the year before he was 20 and 12. Again, I'm using this this ratio as a shorthand. These are the same guy. There's very little evidence to indicate that Derek Carr is a significant and you know, people can throw out different stats. Look, I look, I look at all these stats. There's not that much to go on that says Derek Carr is going to take you to a fundamentally different level. But it does seem to be still in the lecarre took a little bit of a haircut on his hoody sign with with New Orleans that you know he came down a little bit he still got very good money What did he get? 100 million guaranteed were Garoppolo got 45 million guaranteed. So you know, it's a significant discount and not a significant drop off in terms of the observables

Doug Battle 49:21

Jimmy Garoppolo I think that the frustration from a fandom perspective is that when you make a change you want it every fan base in the NFL wants to acquire the quarterback they want Justin Herbert you know they want to bring in a guy they're like why would we replace one guy with another guy is not going to get us any further. I don't really expect them to make it further or much further. I expect the Raiders to be winning Super Bowls with Jimmy G to be honest, at the end of the day it's all about Super Bowls and a lot of people are super bowl or bust and so but you know if you're looking at it and saying we want to have a better situation we want to improve and we want to save some money and potentially better position ourselves to get that, you know that next quarterback, this isn't a terrible move for the Raiders. And so it's, it's neither here nor there. I think that you see it in the NBA all the time when like a team like Portland, who's kind of fringe playoff team makes a move and acquires a guy. And it's like, well, this isn't gonna get them over the hump and win the NBA championship. So what's the point? And I get that? It is all these moves kind of don't matter, except for the ones that make that big change that, you know, gets you over the hump. But it's a long game for these gyms. And I think that, you know, GM of the Raiders is slowly trying to improve in any way you can. And this situation, I think it's mostly about saving cap space. And I think that that does better position you to win Super Bowls down the road. I like

Mike Lewis 50:40

that. Because there's a lot of truth to that notion, right? That when you're talking about, and let's say for the NFL when you're talking about being in the territory of winning, somewhere in between seven games, and nine games, or six games and nine games. Yeah. In some ways, none of this matters to the question of, well, we get a you know, we get one more weekend football and we play a wildcard game, we lose. We're a little bit upset because we're drafting from a position where we're missing out on the fourth best quarterback right? It's it kind of spinning your wheels stuff. Last place in this division, I think was the Broncos and Russell Wilson. This was probably the biggest boss in the NFL last year, the biggest disappointment. There was some talk about the Denver had a Super Bowl roster. And Russell Wilson came in big money, five year $242 million contract, and the wheels fell off.

Doug Battle 51:44

Their offense was atrocious this year, I watched them on a number of occasions. And it was particularly painful in the redzone and low scoring games. And they could not seem to figure anything out. I know they've made some changes. They they're sticking with Russell Wilson. But guess what, I don't think that's by choice. If you look at his contract, the Denver Broncos are married to that man right now, much like siara. And I don't know that, that they're able to get out of that. And so contractually, you know, they've kind of got with how much money he's being paid. They can't really afford to go after Lamar Jackson or go, you know, go with any other quarterback. And so they've got to retool and build around Russell Wilson. And I know some Denver Broncos fans, and they are a miserable bunch they have had ever since the paint meeting years, they have had some bad years and a lot of high hopes in those years. And so those things together. Are they

Mike Lewis 52:39

optimistic about bringing in a new coach to fix the cause? I mean, the error something I've talked about it?

Doug Battle 52:45

Yeah. I mean, Broncos fans I know are not over. They think that, you know, it's they've, they've seen coach changes they've seen, you know, quarterback changes. It's like, we got to start over again. And we're stuck in this for the next three years, or however long it is. And so not an optimistic bunch. But to your point, Mike, we've seen quarterback stay and coach changes make all the difference in the world. Look at Trevor Lawrence. And again, different situation than Russell Wilson different point in his career. He was already on the rise. Russell Wilson may have already been on the decline. But we've seen that coach change be the difference and being a playoff team and being the number one pick in the draft. Whether it's Cincinnati, Jacksonville and so Denver fans, I think they've got to sell themselves on that coach and the fact that he's going to use rust the right way that they're going to click that it's going to be a different year. And they got to look in the mirror and say, Denver Broncos Broncos country Let's ride.

Mike Lewis 53:46

Okay, Doug, last thing. One of our favorite sports shows returned to the streaming services this week on Apple TV, Ted lasso into the White House. And to the White House. We're one episode in. Oh, you know what, I'll give you my rating out of 10. And then we're going to talk about I'm pegging that one and a six and a half out of 10. You know, I was really good. I loved season one. I thought season one was one of the all time great sports comedies and had, you know, beautiful, beautiful characters, a simple message, but it was really a lot of fun. I thought season two, they kind of started spiraling into a lot of plot lines that they didn't need to go down. This one seemed to bring it a little bit back to where they needed to be. But it wasn't to the point where I'm like, Oh God, I'm all back in I love this. I can hardly wait to see where they go next. It felt too arrogant to you know, I'll throw out a couple more lines and you tell me if I'm crazy. It almost feels like they think they got me and now they they've got these beloved characters, and the audience should just want To see what happens to these beloved characters. And I don't think they're there, right? It's like, it's almost like they're doing it this, like this last go around this almost tribute to themselves. It feels like to me that and I think this is officially the last thing that this will be Ted lassos last year living in London, and then or wherever you live in the UK, and then we'll return, you know, at the end of the story arc, I think they should still be working for it.

Doug Battle 55:27

Yeah, I think that one of my observations over the years with television is that it is very difficult to maintain the magic of season one, into seasons two, and three, and four, etc. And very few shows do that. I think Stranger Things is a great example of a show that does that, by the way. But sports shows I cannot think of a single example of a show that I truly felt the second and third season had the same magic as the first I think Friday Night Lights had one of the best first seasons ever in television history, much like Ted lasso. And it really fell off to me, and was sports, it's like it becomes predictable. You and I were talking about our expectations for this season, I've had that conversation with a number of Ted lasso fans who pretty much feel like they know where this is headed, where it's going, kind of looking at the arcs of the different characters and the teams and understanding, you know, it's a predictable story. And so at that point, it does become kind of a love letter to the characters. And I love the characters. I love Ted, you know, I love watching him on screen. Anytime he's just such a, he makes you smile. And there's a level of entertainment to that. But does it have that same magic of season one? I don't think so I think that I think context conflicts being resolved every season, and then having to come up with new conflict, it gets really stretch it, you're seeing the same thing in the Mandalorian. Like the quest was finished. And then they found a new quest. And that one was semi resolved. And then it's like the third season, they have to start this new quest, but it feels like okay, they're just making up another conflict just to have a conflict. Like the lady and Ted last. So her, her season one and season two is kind of her coming to peace with things with her ex husband, the former owner of the team. And now it's like they're introducing this new, she's actually not over it. And now she just wants revenge again. So she's kind of back to where she started. It's like one more Star Wars reference here. And I'll make these every week. But the sequels The sequel film, so 789, I know it's confusing. The new ones, the Disney movies, they undid four, five and six. And that's why all the fans hated it. Because but they have to they're like you can't. Six is a heavily happily ever after. And then you have to go and say, well, actually, the guy that they worked three episodes to kill off comes back. And he's actually still alive and survived the whole thing. It was all part of his plan. So those movies didn't mean anything. But now we have conflict again, and we still have our bad guy. And I feel like Ted last was kind of doing that.

Mike Lewis 58:04

I'll throw out a couple of additional thoughts. And you tell me what you think. So part of I think what has become the first season of Ted last. So he had some really kind of interesting interplay between players on the team. In particular, Roy Kent, and Jamie whose last name escapes me Heart, heart damage. That was this grizzled veteran versus this kind of flamboyant kind of Jackass of a player was beautiful. The players are now irrelevant to that show. I mean, they really don't play you know, it's like now they've become they've moved to the character level of, you know, was Danny Rojas just sort of always kind of smiling. Hi. Yeah, just nice guy. Nothing interesting happening in terms of what's going on in terms of the players. The other thing is, you mentioned sort of the you know, the the original Rebecca, the owner was originally sort of the bad guy, kind of just trying to destroy the the team that Rupert loved. Now, it seems like they're just setting it up for Rupert to be the bad guy with maybe a redemption arc for the former Kitt man who's gone to work for Rupert. I don't hate Rupert, Doug. I don't hate Rupert at all. Rupert was a guy that left something, his ex wife took it from him. And so you're casting this guy is those villain? It's like, I mean, you kind of get where I'm coming from right

Doug Battle 59:33

now. I think the beauty of that first season is like we hated Jamie tar. He was despicable. He was scum of the earth. And it was the same with like,

Mike Lewis 59:43

awesome. Yeah. Yeah, but

Doug Battle 59:44

Stranger Things like Steve Harrington character. I don't know if you've watched that Mike, but Steve Harrington season one everyone hates the guy hate them. And spoiler alert. If you haven't watched these two shows, you can just like cover your ears. But Jamie tart goes from the guy that you hate to A guy that you kind of like Steve Harrington goes from a guy and Stranger Things that you totally hate to a guy that everyone totally adores. And it's like the most beloved character. And we we had a little bit of that like kind of crazy redemption art with Rebecca, the owner of the team, and of course with Jamie tart that everyone's arcs, that's what I'm saying their arcs are resolved like, she went from villain to kind of good to like she's moved on and is totally healthy, happy. Like her character story is pretty much over. And so they had to go back and say, Actually, she's not totally she's back to where she wasn't season one. And like Jake, but Jamie Tarr and Danny Rojas who had a great you know, he had a great little arc there and was a fan favorite. They become totally one dimensional because their their issues are resolved. And now they're just set in this world of it's like if Star Wars did those sequel movies, and didn't go back and undo some of the things from the originals and say, Yeah, Luke Skywalker is just a happy guy now and the galaxies happy and everyone's happy and fun, and like there's little scuffs here or there, you know, little scuffles here or there. But as a whole, there's no real big conflict. And I think that's the problem with Lhasa right now. And the fact that like you said, it's, he's so I mean, I think the villain is so one dimensional that he's kind of cartoony and he's, he's harder to hate than Jamie tart was or even Elizabeth, you know, than the than the Rebecca, excuse me, was because she was she was a snake man. And that first season she was stabbing coach Lascaux in the back. And man, the kind of story of forgiveness that he had in me really kind of touched people's hearts, I think. And I don't know that anyone's touched by a story about just a rich mean guy who wants to win soccer games.

Mike Lewis 1:01:47

No, and in fact, at this point, I'm probably rooting for Robert,

Doug Battle 1:01:51

but you're gonna be disappointed Mike.

Mike Lewis 1:01:54

I know. Okay, guys, as always, thanks for listening more content. Talk to you next week.



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