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Jordan Brand & Player Politics

Episodes 5 and 6 of The Last Dance raised a number of compelling questions as it pertains to athlete branding. There's no doubt that Michael Jordan's godlike dominance on the hardwood paved the way for his identity as the greatest ever. But what other factors contributed to Jordan's nearly unblemished public image? And why have athletes such as Kobe Bryant and LeBron James divided public opinion in areas where Jordan united?

While this week's installments of The Last Dance provided a look into the world that Jordan thrived in, they also gave us a glimpse of how that same all-time athlete might fare in today's sociopolitical climate.

In this podcast, Professor Mike Lewis and I observe the elements that enabled Michael Jordan to create an inimitable brand. We then break down the complexities that hinder world class athletes from achieving such universal appeal in the modern era.

Listen to our conversation on the matter as well as our continued discussions of The Last Dance, the G League, and the future of college basketball here:

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- Doug Battle, Co-Host of Fanalytics



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