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Stardom, Feuds and Fans: Greek Freak vs. The Beard

I will admit that I was unaware of this feud between Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden. The article seems to suggest that this is unnecessary and could (should) have been avoided.

This is what happens when MVPs collide. After a couple of stray remarks here and there, the feud between Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo and Houston Rockets guard James Harden has now, officially, become a whole thing.
Here’s the problem: while both men are making good points about the nature of superstardom in 2020, neither man has the high ground, and it’s turning into a petty war of words that should have been avoided.
The feud escalated, seemingly in a joking fashion, during the NBA All-Star Draft earlier this month, when Antetokounmpo skipped selecting Harden in order to go with Boston Celtics point guard Kemba Walker. His rationale? He wanted someone who could, and would, pass the ball.

I disagree. It is perfect. Can't have Batman without the Joker. The drama of sports is enhanced when competitors become rivals and things get heated.

I suspect that the NBA All-Star game structure of two teams named after two stars exacerbates the situation. It is competition for the limelight in addition to competition on the court.

And even better — this doesn't seem like a manufactured rivalry. Of course, the key is that the two players have to deliver (make the finals to settle things).

This is one occasion where the boxing industry is the Grand Master.



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