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Fanalytics Podcast Episode 15: NFL Marketing Previews

The NFL has long been considered the premier American professional sports league.  In this episode, I sit down with a former professor colleague and current tech industry analytics leader Manish Tripathi to discuss some of the marketing challenges facing the NFL as the 2018 season approaches. 

It is an interesting conversation because after years where the NFL almost seem to be impervious to scandal and on an ever upward trajectory when we think about the NFL in 2018 we seem to run into one marketing challenge after another.

We talk about the perennial issue of the “Washington Redskins” team name and symbols, concussions and youth football, and (of course) the anthem protests.  In each case, we actually find ourselves talking more about politics than analytics.  This is important because it serves to highlight the marketing challenges faced by the league.  While the NFL has seemed to be a “Teflon” brand for decades, is it impervious to the political and cultural upheaval of 2018?

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