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Fanalytics Podcast Episode 14: Sports Sponsorships

Maybe the thing that sets sports apart from other industries is the incredible passion, loyalty and, in fact, fanaticism, shown by customers.  Sports fans proudly wear logos and describe themselves as brand loyalists.  The end result of this level of passion is that sports brands are incredibly powerful marketing assets.  In addition to figuring out the direct value of sports brands (how they influence customers to attend and spend), another important question for “Marketing Analytics” is the power of these brands to change behavior in other categories.  In other words, how can sports brands be used in sponsorship deals.              

On the current episode of the Fanalytics Podcast episode, we have Nick Mentel of Vantedge and a discussion of sports sponsorships.  Nick provides insights into how these deals get done.

The discussion is wide ranging but we find ourselves focusing on the idea of using “comparables.”  This is a very common topic in the real world. It’s also an important concept for the analytics community and I think there are opportunities to add some analytics horsepower to enhance “comparables” based methods.

Nick Mentel is the Vice President of Sponsorship Insights at Vantedge, helping lead the company serve the needs of an array of Fortune 500 clients.  His marketing insights and analytics experience ranges from sponsorship valuation and targeting to social and digital metrics reporting and analysis.  Nick has experience delivering customized client solutions to clients in wide-ranging industries, having previously worked for Lehman Brothers and Deloitte Consulting. 

At Vantedge, he has had an opportunity to leverage his quantitative skills learned from being a diehard sports fan to help maximize the earning potential of CSE Talent’s clientele.  Nick holds bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Spanish from the University of North Carolina and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School.  He also holds a Limited Certification as a Player Agent on behalf of Major League Baseball Players Association.

You can learn more about Vantedge by clicking here:

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