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Fanalytics Podcast Episode 12: Wrestling Fandom

One of my favorites category of sports is “combat sports.”  Combat sports have a few characteristics that make them different than traditional team sports.  Sports like MMA, Boxing and (even) professional wrestling are sold as pay-per-view events, sold as cards or bundles of events, and are usually very “star” focused.  One of the long-term plans for the podcast is to bring in people with a variety of experiences related to the combat sports industry.

In this episode we start with the fan perspective.  Really, I should call this, “the sophisticated fan” perspective.  Today’s guest is a former MBA student and current consultant named Hari Gopal. Hari brings both business acumen and incredible passion for professional wrestling.  Our plan for the podcast was to have a wide ranging discussion of the fan side of the industry.  Our goal is to understand how fan interest is driven by “stories” and “stars”.  This “understanding” becomes the foundation for thinking about marketing and operating combat sport businesses.  

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