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Exploring Future Fandom

In this episode of Fanalytics, host Michael Lewis discusses the upcoming changes and direction for the show. He introduces new partnerships, the shift to using Substack for detailed content, and the focus on analyzing the future of fandom across different sports and cultural entities. Key topics include the impact of technology, demographics, and marketing on fandom, and an introduction to the W.I.L.D. framework for assessing fandom. Upcoming focus areas will include the WNBA, the Olympics, and collegiate sports in the NIL era.


00:00 Welcome to the Fanalytics Podcast

00:05 Exciting Changes and Bookkeeping

00:47 Introducing Fandom Analytics and Substack

02:08 Focus on the Future of Fandom

03:01 The Importance of Fandom in Culture

04:05 Project Overview: Future Fandom

05:44 Technology's Impact on Fandom

08:18 Demographics and Fandom

14:21 The Role of Marketing in Fandom

25:09 The WILD Framework for Analyzing Fandom

39:34 Upcoming Episodes and Conclusion

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