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Conference Cancellation Cause & Effect

Rumblings of a college football cancellation shook the college football universe on Sunday as SI and ESPN awakened fans to the reality of an increasingly dire situation.

Rumblings led to rumors. And rumors led to pleas as noteworthy college football figures such as Trevor Lawerence, Justin Fields, and Jim Harbaugh voiced the case for a season on social media. With player safety, the livelihoods of thousands, and the future of college athletics simultaneously all on the line, the time has come to consider both direct and indirect consequences of having a season... and those of not having one.

In this podcast, Professor Mike Lewis and I explore all sides of the rumored college football shut down. While we address the oft-mentioned arguments concerning player well-being and the financial impact on athletic departments, we also dive into indirect consequences for the NCAA and multiple professional sports leagues. After all, the factors being weighed by conference presidents involve far more than life and livelihood.

Hear our full discussion on the matter here:

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