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Communal Consumption & College Football Concerns

The NBA and MLB have both struggled to earn high television ratings since returning to action this July. Media outlets have blamed everything from player activism to gimmick-ridden presentations. But how have fanless stands factored into these ratings? Better yet, how have fanless bars played a part?

In this episode, Professor Mike Lewis and I discuss the importance of community in fandom and how a lack of it has impacted sports viewership in recent weeks. Then, we transition to the Big 10 community of players, coaches, and fans who are actively appealing the league's decision to cancel Fall sports.

Following Justin Fields's petition for a Big 10 football season, Mike and I break down how a Power Three 2020 season featuring the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 could alter the Big 10's trajectory beyond this season... and how it could actually help Big 10 schools land top prospects. We then observe the number one factor threatening to derail a college football season as well as how schools can address the threat.

Listen to our full conversation here:

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