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A Super Bowl Without The Party

Why are so many major brands sitting out America's greatest marketing holiday this year? And what can football fans expect from advertisers during Super Bowl LV?

Super Bowl LV comes with more unknowns than any Super Bowl in history - especially off the field. Sports viewership has been down amidst a global pandemic, and there's no telling how Sunday's viewership will compare to Super Bowls of the past... Not to mention how different the experience will be for audiences watching in isolation rather than from parties.

But COVID-19 is not the only 2020 storyline affecting Super Bowl LV. With advertisers planning, casting, and filming ads far in advance of Super Bowl Sunday, the year's unpredictable nature has added complexity for brands seeking to strike an agreeable tone amidst a delicate time. We saw how unpredictability can add complexity for advertisers just a year ago when Genesis altered their ad the week of its airing out of sensitivity to those mourning the loss of Kobe Bryant.

In this week's podcast, Emory Marketing Professor Mike Lewis and I discuss what we expect from advertisers in Super Bowl LV as well as our predictions for the game.

Listen to the full episode here:

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