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A Sports (and more) Job Opportunity at Emory University

I am currently looking for a new staff member for the Emory Marketing Analytics Center. This position involves helping me run the Center and putting on events such as our annual marketing conference (October 29, 2020 is our tenth annual conference).

The other half of the job is to be my partner in creating and distributing research and content related to sports analytics and fandom. Its a great opportunity for someone with web, podcast (cohosting and production) and writing skills to come in and help me take this fandom analytics program to the next level. Having a passion for sports and the business of sports is also critical as there will be frequent opportunities to join me on the podcast.

The other great thing about this opportunity is that it is an entrepreneurial opportunity that is housed at a top twenty business school. If it sounds like a fit please email me directly at and apply at the following link.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Degree or experience in Journalism or Communications

• Experience in website design

· Experience in podcast editing and production

• Exceptional writing and communication skills

• Interests in business and sports

• Proficiency in Excel

• Good public speaking experience

Additional Details:

The person’s primary role is to develop content, podcasts, and events that highlight the research focused on fandom and extreme customer loyalty activities. Secondary roles will include assisting in center activities such as conference planning and database development.

Responsibilities may include:

1. Website development: develop and maintain websites that highlight the center’s research

2. Podcast production and editing

3. Content creation: create written and digital content related to the center’s research initiatives

4. Social Media: manage social media accounts related to the Center

5. Research Support: creation and updating of research databases

6. Event Support: assist in coordinating center events

7. Database development: create and maintain databases on key analytics professionals



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